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Numerology has existed for thousands of years, having been found in the ancient texts of Greece, China, Egypt, and the Chaldeans. It is a universal language that will open your mind to new possibilities, provide you with tools to overcome the hurdles in life, and help you gain insight and understanding of your relationships and life’s purpose. 

Numerology has evolved through the years and across the different cultures, but one thing remains the same, and that is the connection between numbers, their unique connection to both the universe and you.

On this site, you will learn the basics of numerology including the meanings of the Core Numbers and how to decode your life path, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

We sometimes get asked ‘What if someone I know wants to talk about Numerology, but I don’t believe in the concept? How can I help?”. Our answer is simple.  If someone you know is looking in to Numerology and what it tells us, then it would indicate firstly that they are looking for answers, and secondly that they must believe there is something in it.  Even if you don’t want to believe in Numerology, you can consider this as simply a Trojan horse for a conversation.  By talking through their issues using Numerology as a framework, you can help them work through their underlying problems.  Be that friend who supports them in this way rather than shutting them down because of your own beliefs.  

Speaking of which, we know not everyone starts of as a Numerology follower. But have an open mind. Read through this guide.  See if any of it starts to resonate with you.  Most people start off as doubters, but why not get informed and then make up your own mind in due course?

Now, let’s get started!

What is Numerology?

Numerology is fundamentally a simple system that is based on numbers and their relationship between the universe and everything in it. Numerology involves basic mathematics. As you’ll probably know, mathematics is considered the language of the universe because it relates to everything within it and it the single-known language that humans share regardless of location, gender, age, beliefs, etc. 

For example, items can be purchased across the world and regardless of the monetary denomination, dollars, rubles, pounds, or yen, the item can be converted as needed. Moreover, the language of mathematics can describe how items are buoyant in water or destined by gravity to fall to the earth. Numbers explains weather patterns, the solar system, and is even the basis of your favorite cake recipe. The earth’s vibrational frequency can be described in megahertz and those same vibrations correlate with life on earth, and that goes down to the very DNA of every organism in existence. 

Numerologists view numbers as having their own vibration and, similar to music notes, each one has its own distinctive vibration. And in numerology, each letter of the alphabet correlates to a core number and each number has a specific meaning. These meanings are attached to individuals based on birth date and birth name, all of which influence your soul, personality, life aims etc. 

There is a lot more to Numerology than we can cover in this introductory guide, so please don’t take this as a definitive text.  Not only are there many different forms of Numerology, but the interpretation of each number and value vary from practitioner to practitioner, from book to book and from website to website.  

However, set out on this site is a well distilled summary and outline on which you can start to build a great fact base for growing your knowledge in future. You should consider this a journey, not a destination and self-discovery rather than self-analysis.