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What are the Core Numbers?

The core numbers are used to help you gain a better understanding of your path in life and why things happen as they do for you. These main numbers are referred to as: Life Path number, Destiny (or Expression) number, Soul (or Heart’s Desire) number, Personality number, Birthday number. There’s also the Maturity number, and Current name number, which we will discuss briefly.

The Life Path Number

The Life path number reveals the direction your life is intended to go, along with your strengths, weaknesses, natural talents, and potential challenges you can anticipate in life. It also reveals characteristics that you should work on during your lifetime. 

The life path number is considered the most important of all the core numbers of numerology. It is the sum total of your birth date and the final number is always a single digit between 1-9. The details of how to calculate your personal life path number are in the following chapter.

The Destiny Number

The Destiny (or Expression) number is derived from your full birth given name. This number defines your natural born talents and mannerisms. Regardless if your name changes or you opt to go by a nickname at some point in life, your birth name is the foundation of your identity in numerology.

Also, on occasion, birth certificates have names misspelled. If the parents choose to accept the misspelled name as yours, that is considered your official name and the one to be used in calculating your expression number. 

The expression number is often referred to as the destiny number. Many numerologists view this number as what you should aim for in life. That is why the core numbers are attached to descriptive characteristics and proposed life lessons. 

In a nutshell, the expression number represents your life purpose and what you MUST strive to become, whereas the life path number defines who you are from the moment you enter the world.

The Soul Number

The soul (or heart’s desire) number describes your authentic self, beneath the layers of your outward appearance and personality. It is the truest of who you are.

The Personality Number

The personality number is the sum total of the consonants in your name, reduced to a single digit. 

The characteristics of this number describe you others perceive you upon an initial introduction or acquaintance. This is useful in helping you gain insight of how you come across to others. 

The Birthday Number

This number is the day of the month you were born and reveals your skills and challenges that you can expect to overcome in life. Knowing what your natural skills are will help you in the journey on your life path. Unlike the other core numbers, the birthday number is not reduced. 

There are a couple of other numbers outside of the key five calculations that you may wish to consider, and they are:

Maturity Number

The maturity number does not have very much effect on your life until you are 30 years old or older. The maturity number is  a goal that remains untapped until you get to know yourself better, which is typically that second stage of life. 

However, even if you are younger, knowing your maturity number will provide you with a better understanding of why your life is heading in a particular direction. Then, as you mature, the significance of your maturity number will be more profound for you. 

Current Name Number

While the absolutes of numerology cannot be changed in regards to your birth name and birth date because their meanings will follow you throughout your life. However, during the course of life, names can change, multiple times for some people in fact and when this happens, it can affect your quality of life and the path you take. 

The way you introduce yourself to someone on a daily basis, expresses your personal self-image, and whenever you introduce yourself to others, it communicates to the universe the person you think you are. Why is this significant? Any life coach, advisor, or psychologist will agree that the way you see yourself plays a major factor in your success, mindset, relationships, etc. 

In the world of numerology, before you change your name, consider how it feels. Does the secondary name bring you joy? The question is asked because your interpretation of self, along with numbers ultimately play a role in your life.