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What do the numbers mean?

According to most numerologists, even if throughout life you change your name or something other than your birth name, ultimately the date you were born along with your name on that date forms your personality and path of destiny. 

Here are overviews of the numbers 1 through 9:

Number 1:Charismatic, self-confident, strong-willed, independent, with impressive organizational skills. Number 1 is most suited for leadership or management roles, or in a profession that requires creativity and problem solving skills. 

Number 1 is self-sufficient and content being alone and able to pursue personal goals. Number 1 will co-exist in a personal relationship but oftentimes acts selfishly, boldly, has a tendency to be bossy or aggressive, impatient, and lacks good listening skills.

The life lessons for number 1 include: learning to get along with others, both in relationships and leadership roles. Number 1 also needs to learn self-control, patience, tolerance, and how to embrace and utilize their creative abilities. 

Number 2: Dedicated to nurturing relationships, and thrives on companionships, teamwork, and diplomacy. The personality and vibrations of number 2 emit peacefulness and this number is recognized for the ability to diffuse an argument and help alleviate stress. 

However, these formidable traits can also cause oversensitivity, weakness, jealousy, indecisiveness, tendency to be moody or critical, and self-conscious.

The lessons for number 2 to learn during a lifetime include defining and protecting personal boundaries and limitations, learn to control their sensitive nature so that it does not control them. Number 2 would also be well-served by learning to say no, be upfront about feelings, and rely more on their intuition and independence. 

Number 3: Number 3 is the epitome of friendliness, optimism, and creative expression. Number 3 inspires and motivates others, and is frequently the center of attention in a crowd, with a craving to socialize. 

Weaknesses of number 3 include a tendency to gossip, be irresponsible, disorganized and overly dramatic. Just as number 3 enjoys giving attention to others, there is also a dire need for attention. 

The lessons for number 3 routinely over the course of a lifetime include learning to prioritize and focus on tasks, become less melodramatic and more honest, as well as gain self-confidence and find emotional balance. 

Number 4:Number 4 is recognized as being a practical, witty individual who knows how to be a great friend and enjoys helping others. Your secrets will be safe with number 4. This number is well disciplined, realistic, practical, and hardworking, and is devoted to a lifelong partnership.

Number 4, however, is known to be critical, stubborn, and sometimes narrow-minded. The most important life lessons for number 4 to learn are becoming more adaptable to change, thinking outside of the box, and communicating emotions more often. Number 4 would do well to loosen up and become less finicky, enjoying the journey more than focusing entirely on the end result.

Number 5:Number 5 is energetic and unpredictable with a need for change and independence. 5 is talented, courageous, and resourceful; and although restless with a tendency to avoid commitment, number 5 treats people with respect, empathy and does not judge. While number 5 might move around in career and relationships, once they have found the right fit and feel in alignment, number 5 is loyal and dedicated.

Number 5 has difficulty with focusing and would certainly benefit from learning how to plan and prioritize. The love for something new and the adaptability to change can be an asset when practiced with constructive moderation.

Number 6: Number 6 thrives in a harmonious environment and is calm, giving, nurturing, and funny. Number 6 takes responsibility very seriously and views family as the number one priority- the foundation of everything else in life. 

If number 6 is not balanced and happy, less attractive traits such as being stubborn, critical, inflexible, and possessive may dominate. 

The lessons that number 6 typically are faced with in life include finding a happy balance in life, as well as learning to love and accept self. Learning to respect other people’s boundaries and moving past disappointments also often lie in the path of number 6. 

Number 7: Number 7 is very perceptive, and innately insightful, with a strong intuition. Their philosophical nature guides them on a never ending search for seeking truth and understanding of the unknown.

The Number 7 individual sometimes turns inward, is untrusting of others, and has a defensive, pessimistic attitude. However, when number 7 does interact, you can count on hearing something inspiring. When number 7 engages in conversations or builds relationships, one of their priorities is to learn about the surrounding environment and others. 

The life path lessons for number 7 are comprised of learning to express their emotions, accept imperfection, trust others, be more patient, and live life more actively rather than being so inwardly focused.  

Number 8:Number 8 is known for financial success and having the ability to set goals and follow through to achievement. Number 8 is authoritative, serious, organized, and driven. This number is not afraid of hard work and is tenacious and innovative.

While these traits play a role in professional and financial success, other characteristics of number 8 can include greedy, superficial, narrow-minded, egotistical, and anxious. 

As with any number, there are strengths and weaknesses and the need to find a happy medium. The life lessons of number 8 routinely consist of learning to worry less and adapt an optimistic attitude, lead with others, give more attention to the spiritual and emotional aspects of life versus just material and monetary goods. When number 8 learns to live with integrity, respect others, and seek a higher purpose in life, there will be an upsurge of happiness.

Number 9: Number 9 provides exceptional support to those in need, fulfilling the role of a great friend, mentor, and philanthropist. Characteristics of compassion, understanding, and generosity come naturally to the multi-talented, open-minded number 9.

The less appealing traits of number 9 include impatience, intense, overly sensitive, aggressive, and moody. Some of the most beneficial teachings for number 9 include learning to communicate their personal emotions and needs, practice forgiveness and tolerance, exercising self-care and to recognize how humanity is all interconnected. 

The Master Numbers

Numerology is based on the core numbers 1-9, however, there are three double-digit numbers, referred to as the master numbers and include 11, 22, 33. These master numbers are recognized as more powerful in the characteristics associated with them. An individual that has a master number in his or her reading should focus on “mastering” the positive characteristics of the number. 

Master Number 11:Number 11 people are naturally considerate and generous, and most often put the needs of others, (especially those of a partner), before their own. This number is understanding and avoids conflict. Think of it as a supercharged number 2, possessing all the same qualities on a higher level. 

Sometimes number 11 can be manipulative, disrespectful of others boundaries and routinely hypersensitive. Number 11 needs to help others and aim for goals beyond self, otherwise phobia begin to develop.

Master Number 22: Number 22 people live by high standards and morals. They know what they want and go after it. They also have realistic attitudes and look for the best in people. From a negative standpoint, number 22 often experiences disappointment when others do not live up to expectations and while they care for others, it can come across as desperation, which is often rejected.