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Your Birthday Number

Whilst not officially one of the Key Five numbers, this is one that people often start with for the simple reason that it is so easy to work out.   Numerologists believe that we are all spiritual, and that your soul and the universe combined to pick the day of your birth for a reason.  It’s not a coincidence.  And this day was chosen to reflect what you need in this life to achieve your destiny.

Determining Your Birthday Number

This is your day of birth, so in the example of Sylvia, it would be the number 11. The birthday number is based on the 31 days of the calendar and each day has its own description. This number is not reduced to a single digit.

The birthday number is considered the least important of the core numbers, however, the description attached to your birthday number could disclose natural abilities that you’ve not yet tapped into. 

Below are the descriptions for each day:

Birthday Number 1: You are a creator who is innovative and adventurous.

Birthday Number 2: You are perceptive, empathetic and a cautious diplomat.

Birthday Number 3: You are a forward thinker and very creative.

Birthday Number 4: You are tenacious and very dedicated to your work or purpose.

Birthday Number 5: You love variety, enjoy traveling, and seek adventure. 

Birthday Number 6: You make family a priority and find happiness in caring for others. 

Birthday Number 7: You are very intelligent and thinking outside of the box comes easy to you.

Birthday Number 8: You have an aptitude for financial success and are business-minded.

Birthday Number 9: You are a perfectionist, non-judgmental, and feel deep compassion for others.

Birthday Number 10: You are extremely determined, independent, and maintain your individuality regardless of relationships.

Birthday Number 11: You are a perfectionist, very perceptive, and have a strong intuition.

Birthday Number 12: You are very creative and artsy.

Birthday Number 13: You embrace tradition and are very family and community oriented.

Birthday Number 14: You require frequent change and are easily bored.

Birthday Number 15: You have a gift for words and languages as well as a unique sense of humor.

Birthday Number 16: You are philosophical and motivated to learn about the invisible world. 

Birthday Number 17: You use your creativity well and approach business without fear.

Birthday Number 18: You are an inspiration to others and possess leadership skills. 

Birthday Number 19: You guard your independence and tenaciously set and achieve your goals. 

Birthday Number 20: You are a sensitive individual and sometimes naive and gullible.

Birthday Number 21: You enjoy communicating with others on a social level.

Birthday Number 22: You possess entrepreneurial talents and are very well organized. 

Birthday Number 23: You have a positive attitude and view life as an opportunity to experience new things and make the most of every moment. 

Birthday Number 24: You cherish your relationships and let others know how much you care. 

Birthday Number 25: You approach life with caution and are very analytical.

Birthday Number 26: You are able to juggle multiple projects at once and work efficiently. 

Birthday Number 27: You have leadership skills that should be utilized. 

Birthday Number 28: You are eccentric, independent, and set in your ways.

Birthday Number 29: You sense a strong connection with unseen forces. 

Birthday Number 30: You are a talented writer and skilled in the performing and creative arts. 

Birthday Number 31: You yearn for practicality and thrive when you have strong foundation.